How do I control my boat? (plus hotkeys) | Sailaway

How do I control my boat? (plus hotkeys)

You can download a basics of Sailaway guide from HERE

The mouse is the primary form of control in Sailaway but there are some keyboard keys to be aware of to help make some things easier.

The default controls are:

Boat Controls

Left Mouse Click + Drag – Look around
Right Mouse Click + Drag – Look around
Left Mouse Click – Select Position / Line
(When a Line is selected) Left Mouse Click + Drag – Pull / Ease Selected Line
(When a Line is selected) Mouse Wheel – Pull / Ease Selected Line
Q / E – Select Rope / Line (clockwise/anti-clockwise)
W / S – Pull / Ease Mainsail
Up Arrow / Down Arrow – Pull / Ease Mainsail
W / S (with rope / line selected) – Pull / Ease Selected Line
Z - Select mainsheet
X - Select mainsail traveller
M - Select mainsail halyard 
C - Select foresail sheet
A / D – Steer Left / Right
Left Arrow / Right Arrow – Steer Left / Right
Page Up / Page Down – Cycle through camera views


Mouse Wheel – Adjust the map zoom
Numpad – / Numpad + – Adjust the map zoom when your mouse cursor is over it
Delete - Delete waypoint (under cursor)


Left Ctrl + Left Shift + U – Hide UI (will disable mouse look)
Esc – Open Main Menu
M - Open/Close map
P - Take screenshot

All keyboard hotkeys can be changed via the Options > Gameplay (the scroll down) menu, there are even a couple of extra commands you can set keys for:

Toggle look at boat
Toggle tactical view
Toggle audio
Move start of vogage to your location